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As common business sayings, "bad decision is better than no decision". I understand this stimulating saying as the importance of decisiveness and proactive attitude to make advance one's businesses. Basically I think it is right, but to confess, I can not 100% believe in it.

The most easiest explanation is below; "spilt water won't go back into its tray". If a bad decision turns the tray, there is no way to be undone. Though one must accept this situation positively, bad consequence is bad consequence. It is inevitable.

But, the true reason why I doubt the thesis above is a bit complicated. Simply put, as Prof. P. Senge says, "proactive is very often reactive in disguise". It is safe to say that I can understand this saying. Proactive attitude is often FORCED, or SUPPOSED to say the least. FORCED proactiveness - though it sounds self-contradictory, you know what I mean.

I don't want to make a bad decision, and don't want to be forced to proactive. I understand that I can not enjoy the ride all the time.

Temporary, I opt to say more safer statement as my belief; "Decision already made always needs to be improved, and hopefully, most of decisions are available to do so".

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